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Do you have trash, old furniture, clothing, or other items taking up valuable storage space and cluttering up your property? Adirondack Junkluggers can help. We provide stress-free junk removal services to homeowners and businesses in Schenectady County and areas nearby. Plus, we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as we can – this gives your once treasured items a new life, helps our community, and keeps landfills waste-free.

From bulky stoves to boxes of trash, we lug it all. Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Schenectady County, NY and areas nearby.

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Stress-free attic cleanouts, furniture removal, & more in Schenectady County

With companies trying to sell you more with the promise of a better life, it is easy to clutter up your home or business. That is why Adirondack Junkluggers makes things easier by taking unwanted items away. We even do all the work for you, so you can focus on what matters.

You can even have greater peace of mind knowing that we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as possible. Plus, we provide tax-deductible receipts for anything we are able to donate on your behalf!

Commercial & residential junk removal services:

  • Appliance removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Piano removal
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Storage unite cleanouts 
  • Garbage removal
  • Basement & attic cleanouts
  • Construction site cleanup
  • FREE estimates
  • Tax-deductible receipts
  • And more!

Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Schenectady County and areas nearby.

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We provide free junk removal estimates in Schenectady County

Ready to create a more inviting, spacious home or business with Adirondack Junkluggers? We offer free junk removal estimates for basement cleanouts, mattress recycling, piano removal, appliance disposal, and more.

Why choose Adirondack Junkluggers:

  • Onsite junk removal
  • Fully insured staff & trucks
  • Online booking available
  • Friendly & courteous junk haulers
  • Tax-deductible receipts for donated items
  • Free junk removal estimates

For fast and affordable junk removal in Schenectady County, leave it up to the professionals at Adirondack Junkluggers. Book a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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Job Stories From Schenectady County, NY
Side-by-Side Swept Away in Schenectady, NY

Sandy heard about The Junkluggers and contacted the appointment center to have the crew out to her home in Schenectady to dispose of a freezer, side-by-side refrigerator, and a television

Estate Cleanout in Schenectady, NY

Larry saw one of our bright green trucks and gave The Adirondack Junkluggers a call. Larry lost a family member and needed to schedule an estate cleanout. We met at the home and loaded up two trucks full of furniture, a sewing machine, miscellaneous pictures & artwork, and other items from the garage. 

Boxes Discarded in Schenectady, NY

Alice spotted The Junkluggers while searching online and gave us a shout. Alice was discarding many boxes of personal items and had us haul them away. 

Outdoor Items Discarded in Delanson, NY

Larry saw an advertisement for The Junkluggers in a local publication and knew that was the right call to make. Larry was cleaning up under his deck and had the luggers remove a picnic table, a lawn sweeper, a dumping wagon, and other misc. items. 

Removing Clutter from Schenectady, NY

After seeing one of our local Junkluggers advertisements, Tom reached out because he was seriously downsizing and wanted us to remove a game table, chairs, stools, area rugs, outdoor chairs, TVs, screens, electronics, household items, and shingles.

Junk Disposal in Schenectady, NY

Wendy received a mailer that contained our Junkluggers information, so she reached out for an appointment. We sent the crew to pick up a bagster bag full of loose items, small table, long piece of granite, pitchback, and a pool float. 

Estate Remnants Removed in Schenectady, NY

Stephen found out about The Junkluggers from a television ad and got ahold of us. There were many remnants left after cleaning out an estate and Stephen had our Luggers remove it all. 

Couch Carried Off in Schenectady, NY

Andrew arranged for a visit to his home in Schenectady so that The Junkluggers would remove an unwanted couch. Our team recycles, repurposes, or donates everything we can. We are an eco-friendly solution to junk disposal

Kitchenware Cleared in Schenectady, NY

Alice was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers, so she went to our website to set a convenient date and time for our team to arrive at her home. Alice had boxes of belongings, household decor, kitchenware, DVDs, CDs, etc. to be donated or discarded. 

Curio Cabinet Eliminated in Schenectady, NY

When Celaine was told about The Adirondack Junkluggers she organized the perfect time for her calendar. Celaine had an oversized curio cabinet that she no longer wanted and left the heavy lifting to us. We were happy to remove it from her home. 

Futon Junked in Schenectady, NY

Patti saw our TV commercial and gave us a shout. Patti knew The Junkluggers was just the right call to make for getting rid of two big back TVs, a bath sink, and a futon from her home. 

Gardening Tools Tossed in Schenectady, NY

We went to Ann's home in Schenectady to haul away some items that she staged in her garage. The luggers picked up a desk, small bookcase, lawnmower, lawn spreader, some garden tools, a hose, and a clothes rack. Now Ann has the free space she was looking for. 

Reorganizing in Schenectady, NY

Jan was packing and organizing when she realized there were things that needed to be eliminated. Since she had seen The Junkluggers in a mailer Jan gave us a call. We removed 20 boxes of household goods, kitchen items, and linens, along with a few pictures as well. 

China Cabinet Carried Away in Schenectady, NY

Mary gave us a call here at The Junkluggers and asked that we drop by her home to haul away a large China Cabinet and a dresser from her garage. We are experts when it comes to furniture removal and got it done quickly and easily. 

Upright Piano Discarded in Schenectady, NY

Stephen had The Adirondack Junkluggers come by to get rid of an upright piano from his home. Disposing of such an item takes a unique set of skills and we are always up to the task. 

Snowblower Swept Away in Alplaus, NY

After seeing our Junkluggers commercial on television, Bob went to our website to setup a time for us to stop by and remove many furniture items from throughout his home in Alplaus. Bob even had the crew haul away a pressure washer, and snowblower from his yard. 

Cedar Chest Cleared Off in Schenectady, NY

Carol spotted our big green Junkluggers truck and gave us a call when she was cleaning up and removing unwanted items from her home. The luggers carted off a recliner, sofa, small cedar chest, antique library table, and a sewing machine with stand. 

Mattresses Tossed Out in Delanson, NY

When Paula wanted to have multiple king mattresses and more removed from her Delanson home, she searched the web and found The Adirondack Junkluggers. We make every effort to donate or repurpose as much as possible and when necessary we responsibly recycle items.

Big Cleanup in Schenectady, NY

Audrey went to The Junkluggers website to book an appointment after she saw a tv commercial for our junk removal. When our crew arrived, they filled the truck with a sectional sofa, large dresser with mirror, dining chairs, a flat screen tv, electric radiators, glass coffee table, bathroom wall cabinet, suitcases, ottoman, area carpets, a toilet, a sink with faucets, bags of linens and pillows, boxes of board games, a box sheet music, other misc. items. 

Electronics Removed in Schenectady, NY

Jacqueline found The Adirondack Junkluggers online and booked her appointment on our website. We sent the crew to pick up a small couch, a 55" inch TV, various small electronics, books, and knick-knacks to be donated or disposed of. We make every effort to take the landfill out of the scenario. 

Sleep Number Bed Removed in Schenectady, NY

Lynn searched the web for someone to remove her old Sleep Number bed before her new bed was delivered. When she found The Junkluggers her problem was solved. 

Removed Junk from Garage in Schenectady, NY

Jan reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers for the removal of a chair and many boxes from her garage. 

Cabinet Carried Away in Schenectady, NY

After seeing one of our Adirondack Junkluggers trucks drive by her house Annette gave us a call to see if we would remove a big cabinet from her garage. We were there the next day and carried it off. 

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