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Do you have trash, old furniture, clothing, or other items taking up valuable storage space and cluttering up your property? Adirondack Junkluggers can help. We provide stress-free junk removal services to homeowners and businesses in Saratoga Springs and areas nearby. Plus, we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as we can – this gives your once treasured items a new life, helps our community, and keeps landfills waste-free.

From bulky stoves to boxes of trash, we lug it all. Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Saratoga Springs, NY and areas nearby.

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Stress-free attic cleanouts, furniture removal, & more in Saratoga Springs

With companies trying to sell you more with the promise of a better life, it is easy to clutter up your home or business. That is why Adirondack Junkluggers makes things easier by taking unwanted items away. We even do all the work for you, so you can focus on what matters.

You can even have greater peace of mind knowing that we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as possible. Plus, we provide tax-deductible receipts for anything we are able to donate on your behalf!

Commercial & residential junk removal services:

  • Appliance removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Piano removal
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Storage unite cleanouts 
  • Garbage removal
  • Basement & attic cleanouts
  • Construction site cleanup
  • FREE estimates
  • Tax-deductible receipts
  • And more!

Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Saratoga Springs and areas nearby.

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Saratoga Springs estate cleanouts

Adirondack Junkluggers provides help with huge tasks like estate cleanouts in Saratoga Springs, garage, attic cleanouts, and more. We are not only efficient but also strive to be environmentally friendly. After we remove items you no longer want, we either donate, recycle or responsibly dispose of your unwanted items. If you’re ready to get your Saratoga Springs estate cleanout started, book a free estimate with Adirondack Junkluggers today!

We provide free junk removal estimates in Saratoga Springs

Ready to create a more inviting, spacious home or business with Adirondack Junkluggers? We offer free junk removal estimates for basement cleanouts, mattress recycling, piano removal, appliance disposal, and more.

Why choose Adirondack Junkluggers:

  • Onsite junk removal
  • Fully insured staff & trucks
  • Online booking available
  • Friendly & courteous junk haulers
  • Tax-deductible receipts for donated items
  • Free junk removal estimates

For fast and affordable junk removal in Saratoga Springs, leave it up to the professionals at Adirondack Junkluggers. Book a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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Job Stories From Saratoga Springs, NY
Old Mattress Removed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Maura saw The Junkluggers on Facebook and called for help removing her old mattress before her new one arrived. We are always there when you needs us. 

Mattresses Discarded in Saratoga Springs, NY

Tim discovered The Adirondack Junkluggers when he was online and called for us to dispose of a king and queen mattress from his home as well as a heater. 

Furniture Removed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Bill saw The Adirondack Junkluggers at a local event and arranged for a time for our luggers to meet him at his mother's apartment that she was moving from. Bill had us remove a bedroom set, couch, some living room chairs, a small dining table with chairs, a hutch, a curio cabinet, kitchenware, and some other items. 

Cabinets Cleared Away in Saratoga Springs, NY

Rubens is a returning customer of The Adirondack Junkluggers and had us back to his Saratoga Springs home to pick up a toilet, several kitchen cabinets, and a kitchen sink after a little remodeling. 

Sofa Removed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Olivia spotted our Junkluggers commercial and called for us to dispose of a couch, and bureau when she was getting ready to move. Let us help remove your unwanted items. We donate, repurpose, or responsibly recycle unwanted items. 

Move Cleanup in Saratoga Springs, NY

Sheryl was moving and had many things that she was not planning on taking with her. But Sheryl saw a Junkluggers commercial and knew her problem was solved. The luggers arrived on site and got to work filling the truck with an upright freezer, a large glass top dining table & 6 chairs, a dining hutch, some desks, area rugs, and many metal shelf units. 

Filing Cabinets Disposed of in Saratoga Springs, NY

Patrick called us here at The Junkluggers because he saw our tv commercial and asked that we come to remove an unused metal garbage container and some filing cabinets from his home. 

Trundle Bed Eliminated in Saratoga Springs, NY

Once Maura came across The Adirondack Junkluggers online, she spoke to our appointment center to set up a convenient time for us to come and remove a bed frame, bookcase, baby changing table, and mattress from the loft and a trundle bed in the basement of her home. 

Cleanup in Saratoga Springs, NY

Heather was given a referral to The Adirondack Junkluggers and went to our website for an appointment. Heather had our crew haul away many items from the basement and garage. 

Eliminating Junk in Saratoga Springs, NY

Danielle reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers when she received a flyer in the mail. Danielle had a large pile of junk to be removed from her garage and we got it done quickly and easily. 

Junk Removed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Todd got in touch with The Adirondack Junkluggers to schedule a visit to his home because he had various household items to be discarded. Todd sent us pictures to get an estimate and then gave the green light for the removal. 

Futon Eliminated in Saratoga Spring, NY

Alexandra was moving and decluttering at the same time. So, Alexandra called The Junkluggers to help out and remove a futon with mattress and several other misc. items. 

Junk Carried Off in Saratoga Springs, NY

Winifred had The Adirondack Junkluggers to her Saratoga Springs home for some junk removal. We removed a large air conditioner and a large area rug. We are always happy to haul away clutter. 

Projection TV Tossed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Ray needed help getting rid of a large projection screen TV from his basement and contacted us here at The Adirondack Junkluggers to get it done right. Our team is careful, efficient and leaves no mess behind. 

Discarded Doors in Saratoga Springs, NY

Karen called us after seeing our Junkluggers ad on her local TV programming. Karen had items to be removed from the front entrance of her home and we were happy to assist. We hauled away an old refrigerator, two flat screen TVs, an old front door, and a sliding glass French door. 

House Cleanout in Saratoga Springs, NY

Once Carol saw The Adirondack Junkluggers flyer in the mail she contacted us right away. Carol was cleaning out her father's home and had the luggers haul away a sleeper sofa, two chairs, several dressers, a desk, twin mattresses, box springs, stereo speakers, and a kitchen table & chairs. 

Disposal of Furniture in Saratoga Springs, NY

Rodney had some old furniture he wanted to dispose of and reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers to get it done. 

Cleaned Out Shed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Kiere went searching the web for a reliable company to haul away some outdoor lawn equipment, children's toys, electronics, old books, and other household items from his shed and basement in Saratoga Springs. That's when he found The Junkluggers and we were happy to get it all done. 

Heavy Wardrobe Removed in Saratoga Springs, NY

Heather is a returning customer of The Adirondack Junkluggers and asked us back to her home in Saratoga Springs to remove a very large wardrobe. 

Chandelier Carted Off in Saratoga Springs, NY

Nick scheduled his appointment on The Adirondack Junkluggers website after seeing them on a flyer. Nick cleaned out the basement and had us fill the truck with a chandelier, a trampoline, mattresses, bed frames, headboards, a countertop, random pieces of lumber, and flooring, and much more. 

Garage Cleanout in Saratoga Springs, NY

Dominic was getting ready to move and had to clean out the garage of everything from tires and rims to a piano and all sorts of other things. After looking online Dominic contacted us here at The Adirondack Junkluggers and we had it done the next day.