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Do you have trash, old furniture, clothing, or other items taking up valuable storage space and cluttering up your property? Adirondack Junkluggers can help. We provide stress-free junk removal services to homeowners and businesses in Albany County and areas nearby. Plus, we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as we can – this gives your once treasured items a new life, helps our community, and keeps landfills waste-free.

From bulky stoves to boxes of trash, we lug it all. Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Albany County, NY and areas nearby.

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Stress-free attic cleanouts, furniture removal, & more in Albany County

With companies trying to sell you more with the promise of a better life, it is easy to clutter up your home or business. That is why Adirondack Junkluggers makes things easier by taking unwanted items away. We even do all the work for you, so you can focus on what matters.

You can even have greater peace of mind knowing that we donate, recycle, and ethically dispose of as much as possible. Plus, we provide tax-deductible receipts for anything we are able to donate on your behalf!

Commercial & residential junk removal services:

  • Appliance removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Piano removal
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Storage unite cleanouts 
  • Garbage removal
  • Basement & attic cleanouts
  • Construction site cleanup
  • FREE estimates
  • Tax-deductible receipts
  • And more!

Book a free junk removal estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Albany County and areas nearby.

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We provide free junk removal estimates in Albany County

Ready to create a more inviting, spacious home or business with Adirondack Junkluggers? We offer free junk removal estimates for basement cleanouts, mattress recycling, piano removal, appliance disposal, and more.

Why choose Adirondack Junkluggers:

  • Onsite junk removal
  • Fully insured staff & trucks
  • Online booking available
  • Friendly & courteous junk haulers
  • Tax-deductible receipts for donated items
  • Free junk removal estimates

For fast and affordable junk removal in Albany County, leave it up to the professionals at Adirondack Junkluggers. Book a free, no-obligation estimate today!

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Job Stories From Albany County, NY
King Mattress Eliminated in Albany, NY

The Adirondack Junkluggers received a call from one of our corporate clients and scheduled an appointment to remove a king-size mattress in Albany. 

Credenza Carted Off in Albany, NY

Gary Spotted The Adirondack Junkluggers online and contacted us to come to his home in Albany to remove several bookcases, a credenza, TV, and a file cabinet. 

Preparing for Estate Sale in Delmar, NY

Valerie saw a flyer advertising The Adirondack Junkluggers and scheduled a visit to remove chairs, couches, tables, end tables, light fixtures, and some junk. All in preparation for selling an estate. 

Downsizing in Glenmont, NY

Mary contacted The Adirondack Junkluggers when she saw an ad in a magazine. Mary was downsizing and had many small household items to be donated or disposed of. We went to her home and cleared away a rotisserie, a large pot, small appliances, suitcases, a microwave, a brand new steamer, queen mattresses, box spring, and more. 

Sectional Removed in Slingerlands, NY

Jennifer happened to see a flyer for The Junkluggers and reached out for an appointment. When the crew arrived, they got to work promptly to remove a sectional sofa, a bedroom set, some broken chairs to be disposed of, and various other small items. 

Furniture Removed in Watervliet, NY

Robin saw an ad for The Adirondack Junkluggers and went to the website for an appointment. We sent the crew to pick up two sofas and an armoire. 

Pallets Discarded in Glenmont, NY

Issac looked up The Adirondack Junkluggers online and had us out to his Glenmont home to get rid of pallets from his driveway. 

Attic Cleanout in Glenmont, NY

Audrey reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers after seeing an advertisement on a mailer she received. Audrey was unable to climb the ladder to the attic over her garage but knew that she wanted all of the contents discarded. We were happy to help. 

Futon Disposed of in Latham, NY

Jennifer booked an appointment online with The Adirondack Junkluggers for the removal of a standard size sofa, a futon from her garage in Latham. 

Packed and Moved in Delmar, NY

Deborah was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers when she was moving and had many items to be disposed of and even some to be packed and moved by our crew. Deborah scheduled two separate appointments to get everything done when needed.  

Upright Freezer Eliminated in Albant, NY

Jean gave The Adirondack Junkluggers a shout after seeing their local advertisement in the mail for junk removal. Jean had us lug an upright freezer out of her basement to be disposed of. 

Living Space Cleared Out in Albany, NY

Art discovered The Junkluggers while browsing the web and called for an appointment. Art had a family member move out and needed a one-bedroom living space emptied out. We removed everything and even swept the area clean when done. 

Hutch Hauled Away in Albany, NY

Joan was internet surfing when she came upon The Adirondack Junkluggers and reached out. We were happy to head out to her Albany home to remove a coffee table, two nightstands, a two-piece hutch, TV stands, a dresser, and a couch. 

Downsizing in Cohoes, NY

When Linda came across an advertisement for The Junkluggers she knew that was the call to make. Linda was doing some serious downsizing and had the team out to her Cohoes home to remove a bed, dressers, mirror, nightstand, tallboy dresser, carpets, rocking chairs, table w/4 chairs, chest of drawers, two curio cabinets, and a bedroom chair.

Appliance Eliminated in Slingerlands, NY

Harriett received a mailer with The Adirondack Junkluggers information and reached out for an appointment. We went to her Slingerlands home and cleared away an old freezer, TVs, other furniture items, and paint cans to free up space in her basement and garage. 

Air Conditioner Lugged Away in Latham, NY

Michael booked his appointment on The Adirondack Junkluggers website. Everyone knows it's no fun carrying a heavy air conditioner and other furniture from a second floor but the luggers were happy to do that and remove many items. 

Removal and Relocation in Delmar, NY

Carol contacted our appointment center and had The Junkluggers to her Delmar home where she was having the floors done. Carol wanted a hutch, sideboard, armoire, and other bedroom furniture removed but also needed the crew to relocate some heavy items to another room to clear the floor space. All in a day's work for the team. 

Swing Set Disposed of in Altamont, NY

When Robert spotted one of our bright green Junkluggers trucks he called for an appointment. When the team arrived at his Altamont home, we backed the truck up and carted off a dismantled wooden swing set from the yard. 

Uncluttering in Delmar, NY

Lisa got in touch with The Adirondack Junkluggers after seeing an ad in a magazine. Lisa was doing away with a computer cabinet, a desk, twelve office chairs, and small boxes of dishes. We even applied a discount from the advertisement Lisa saw. 

Pullout Sofa Removed in Albany, NY

Mary had a heavy queen size pullout sofa in her basement that she wanted removed. Mary looked us up online and called The Junkluggers to get it done. 

Storage Container Cleanout in Selkirk, NY

After receiving a Junkluggers flyer in the mail Leslie had us meet her point of contact at a storage facility to empty out a 10x10 unit of many things including, a bookcase, an old dryer, TV cabinet, and bags of miscellaneous other items. 

Discarding Junk in Albany, NY

Upon seeing The Junkluggers in a local circular Edgar gave us a call because he wanted junk removed from his garage and shed in Albany. We were happy to come by and pick up a computer monitor, keyboards, wood trim material, and misc. items including plumbing equipment, supplies, and piping. 

Upholstered Chair Whisked Away in Watervliet, NY

After John spotted The Junkluggers online and scheduled a visit to his home. We were happy to pick up a king size bed and an upholstered chair that John wanted removed. 

Furniture Removal in Slingerlands, NY

When Marti was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers she went to our website for an appointment. Marti had the crew remove some chairs, two televisions, and a mattress & box spring that she had left at the curb. 

Piano Purged in Delmar, NY

Virginia saw The Adirondack Junkluggers ad on a local TV channel. After checking out our website and seeing that we are very experienced in piano removal Virginia scheduled the team to haul away an upright piano from her Delmar home. 

Removed Junk in Albany, NY

Les heard about The Junkluggers on the radio and since she was decluttering her Albany home, she knew we were the call to make. We removed a small safe, pieces of wood, a lamp, a broken dehumidifier, and a sofa bed. 

Foosball Table Tossed in Delmar, NY

Mary received a referral for The Adirondack Junkluggers and had plenty to be carted off from her Delmar home. Upon our arrival, we got to work quickly and removed a foosball table, a small dresser, children's play table, 3 bicycles, games, old clothes, roller blades and lots of toys and household items. 

Daybed Discarded in Glenmont, NY

Mary is a previous customer of The Adirondack Junkluggers and called them back to her Glenmont home when she wanted a queen size daybed, two 40 inch TVs, and some table lamps removed. 

Whisked Away a Washer in Albany, NY

Karen was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers when she was looking to have a washing machine removed from her basement. Our crew is very experienced in appliance removal and made it quick and easy for Karen. 

Furniture Eliminated in Cohoes, NY

Colleen reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers after a brief online search. Colleen was cleaning out her late brother's home and asked that we remove some couches, chairs, mattress and box spring, along with other household items. 

Fire Pit Purged in Albany, NY

When Bill saw The Adirondack Junkluggers TV commercial he went to our website for an appointment and also used a coupon from the site for $25 of a quarter of a truck or more. We lugged off a bed frame, bunk beds, an ottoman, queen mattress, box spring, TV, an armoire, metal fire pit. 

Desks Disposed of in Albany, NY

John called the Junkluggers after receiving a flyer in the mail for junk removal. We picked up two desks and a loveseat to clear some space for John. 

Dryer Discarded in Albany, NY

Bob spotted an Adirondack Junkluggers truck and spoke to our appointment center about us stopping by to remove some large items from his home. We picked up a dryer, an old tube TV, sleeper sofa, and many other household items and kitchenware. 

Apartment Purge in Albany, NY

Stephanie had to clean out a senior living apartment and contacted The Adirondack Junkluggers for the job. We removed a bedroom set along with some living room furniture as well. 

Donation Items Picked Up in Albany, NY

Morgaen scheduled her appointment on our website. We sent The Junkluggers to her Albany home to pick up lots of boxes of books, and plenty of household items to be taken for donation, 

Dresser Disposed of in Delmar, NY

Since Carol has used our services in the past she reached out again to The Adirondack Junkluggers to dispose of a couch, single mattress with box spring, and a long dresser with mirror. We love hearing from past customers. 

Tidying Up in Albany, NY

Anne Marie was cleaning up and doing some downsizing in her Albany home and since she had recently seen one of our Junkluggers vehicles she reached out for us to come by and get rid of some wooden bed parts, a wheelbarrow, wicker shelf, and some other small odds and ends. 

Flat Screen TVs Hauled Off in Albany, NY

Corey gave The Junkluggers a call to remove many 4k flat screen TVs from his garage in Albany. We partner with local charities to donate what we can and avoid the landfills. 

Appliances Extracted in Albany, NY

Fred was cleaning out his parent's home in Albany and was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers through social media. We carried off two freezers, a washer & dryer, and a dishwasher.

Patio Furniture Purged in Slingerlands, NY

Once Edna saw The Adirondack Junkluggers website, she knew we could help with removing clutter from her Slingerlands home. Edna made an appointment and we lugged off a bicycle, boxes of china, pots and pans, linens, a bed topper, chairs, and patio furniture.

Dressers Discarded in Latham, NY

Genevieve looked online for a professional company to remove unwanted items from her home. She came across The Adirondack Junkluggers and scheduled an appointment on our website. We hauled off a bed frame, mattress, two dressers, and two bookshelves.

Stackable Washer & Dryer Removed in Albany, NY

When Jordan saw a flyer for The Adirondack Junkluggers, he contacted us to remove a stackable washer & dryer from his home. Jordan also asked if we would relocate a sofa from his neighbor's home to his. We were happy to accommodate both requests.

Armchair Removed in Cohoes, NY

Megan saw a tv commercial for The Junkluggers and scheduled an appointment for us to pick up a desk, an armchair, bookcases, box spring, and a small table. We are experts at removing furniture and because we are an eco-friendly company you can be sure your unwanted items are donated, recycled, or upcycled whenever possible.

Decluttered in Delmar, NY

Christine went searching online and spotted The Adirondack Junkluggers and scheduled a visit to her Delmar home. We removed a queen mattress, extra-large upholstered chair, two end tables, humidifiers, two glass shower doors, and two exterior doors as well.   

Junk Cleared Out in Latham, NY

Tim had items to be removed from his basement and garage so he called The Adirondack Junkluggers when someone gave him a referral. We are the eco-friendly choice in junk removal. We donate, repurpose, or responsibly recycle unwanted items.

Decluttering in Albany, NY

Maryann saw an ad in a local magazine and reached out to The Adirondack Junkluggers for help removing unwanted items from her home. We removed a mattress, bed frame, TV, several rugs, and other household items. 

Declutter in Delmar, NY

Jennifer went searching the internet for junk removal when she was decluttering her Delmar home. Jennifer called The Junkluggers for an estimate. We were happy to come by and remove a few mattresses, a bed frame, a lawnmower, some bookcases, and other household items.

Downsizing in Albany, NY

Les from Albany heard a radio ad for The Adirondack Junkluggers and made a call to our appointment center. Les had us remove a sleeper sofa and some other smaller items from his home. 

Cleanout Basement in Watervliet, NY

Maida had The Adirondack Junkluggers come to her home in Watervliet when she was doing some basement cleaning and wanted several furniture items removed. We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. 

Chase Lounge Lugged Away in Albany, NY

Irad from Albany got in touch with The Adirondack Junkluggers after seeing our TV commercial. The luggers picked up chairs, a sofa, wooden filing cabinet, computer desk, wicker patio chairs, small table, chaise lounge, and more for donation. 

Attic Cleanup in Cohoes, NY

George knows of The Adirondack Junkluggers from an employee so naturally, he reached out to us when he needed his attic and another room cleaned out. 

Air Hockey Table Disposed of in Albany, NY

Sylvia spotted a coupon in a Val-Pak mailer and called The Junkluggers because she was moving and had many unwanted items to be hauled away quickly. The team was sent out and carted off a full truckload of bookcases, a sewing machine & cabinet, a computer desk, an entertainment center, a broken air hockey table, and much more. 

Curio Cabinet Eliminated in Latham, NY

Rich came across a circular with The Adirondack Junkluggers information and gave us a call when he was doing some downsizing and had the luggers get rid of a loveseat, nightstand, and a curio cabinet. 

Remodel Remnants Removed in Latham, NY

Aimee saw our Junkluggers advertisement and scheduled herself a visit from our crew to haul away leftovers and unwanted items after a recent remodel. We carted off a queen size mattress & box spring, a bed frame, some tires, an old dehumidifier, and bags of rolled vinyl. 

Lugging Furniture in Cohoes, NY

George was referred to The Adirondack Junkluggers by a team member and asked if we could help him by moving some items in a storage facility. We were happy to help and sent some of our crew to help relocate items for George. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

Odds & Ends Discarded in Latham, NY

Linda scheduled an appointment on The Junkluggers website after remembering a recent tv commercial. When we got to Linda's home, we removed a bathroom vanity, some other household items, as well as boxes and bags of odds and ends.

Bins of Junk Removed in Albany, NY

William went right to our Junkluggers website to book an appointment after he saw our advertisement on a flyer. We removed a few wooden chairs, end tables, a TV stand, and some bins of junk. 

Entertainment Unit Removed in Delmar, NY

JoAnn was searching the internet for a solution to removing an entertainment unit and 2 old televisions. Then she came across The Adirondack Junkluggers and gave us a call. We were there the next day to get it done. 

Large Entertainment Unit Removed in Cohoes, NY

Linda spotted an outdoor sign for The Adirondack Junkluggers and made a call. Linda was downsizing and had our crew haul away a four-piece entertainment center. 

High-Top Table Tossed Out in Latham, NY

Ryan saw The Adirondack Junkluggers website and set up a convenient date for our crew to come to remove a deconstructed high-top table, two chairs, a desk hutch, some tableware, an ironing board, shelving, and a few potted plants. 

Out with the Old in Latham, NY

Karla had seen our ad and called The Junkluggers to make room for her new furniture. The crew removed three chairs, a hutch, and a TV cabinet.

3 Tier TV Stand Tossed in Latham, NY

Nick was doing some cleaning and wanted items removed that he no longer wanted. When Nick found The Junkluggers online he called us to his home, and we picked up a corner sectional and some television stands. 

Clutter Removed in Albany, NY

Karen caught sight of The Adirondack Junkluggers website and had our crew come pick up a loveseat, bed, vacuum cleaner, computers, and a box of books. 

Sleeper Sofa Eliminated in Albany, NY

Heidi saw The Adirondack Junkluggers in a Clipper Magazine and contacted us for a pickup from her home in Albany. We removed a sleeper sofa with recliner and rocker. 

Credenza Carried Off in Slingerlands, NY

Darleen caught a glimpse of one of our Junkluggers vehicles and call because she was moving soon and had many things to be removed before she left. The luggers carted off a dining room table with credenza, coffee table, two smaller kitchen tables, and more. 

Bed Frame Picked Up in Albany, NY

Jeff found The Adirondack Junkluggers using a digital marketplace and arranged for us to come by to remove a mattress, box spring, and bed frame. 

Loveseat Lugged Away in Albany

Oscar searched online for a professional company to remove some unwanted items from his home. Oscar found The Adirondack Junkluggers and his problem was solved. 

Two Trips for Removal in Cohoes, NY

Marisa went to our Junkluggers website after seeing one of our television commercials and set up her appointment. We sent the team to her home in Cohoes to pick up a 2-piece sectional sofa, a mini fridge, and a TV. Then we went to her nearby storage unit to haul away a queen mattress and box spring. 

Removed Washing Machine in Albany, NY

Matt had The Adirondack Junkluggers pull a washing machine out of his basement to be disposed of. Leaving the heavy lifting to us is always a good idea. 

Sectional Removed in Altamont, NY

Rose has a sectional sofa on the second floor and wanted it moved to the garage, so she called The Adirondack Junkluggers for the job and we were happy to accommodate her request.

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